Infra Structure

All our institutions are equipped with libraries with large collection of books, journals, reference material and other textbooks. Our libraries enable students to refer these books to enhance their knowledge on various subjects. Our libraries also have rich collection of computer based tutorials and reference material.
Our Library provides enabling environment for students for research and reference. They get deep insights on various subjects to provide a rich and complete learning experience.

Playing games is often associated with young people. Students invariable need to involve in sports and games. Students play various types of games, and these games include indoor as well as outdoor games. We understand that students generally have a fascination for sports and games. Both, indoor and outdoor games have their own importance, and negligence of any might lead to an imbalance of students’ health. Our indoor games include mostly Chess, Caroms and so on that need to be played making use of their brains. We also know that outdoor games are very important for the students as they provide fresh air and a little bit of physical exercise to the students. Outdoor games include playing catch with the ball, Cricket, Volleyball, Football and so on that include lots of physical activity. Also the outdoor games help to keep the students healthy, mentally as well as physically. There is importance of both the games and hence, we give equal importance to other kind of games and sports.

All our Indian values and traditions are rich and time-rested. Especially, the Gurukul System, where the students were expected to leave their homes and stay with their teachers and pursue education. Even today, it is considered as an ideal form of education system. At Nalanda, students have such effective hostel facilities within campuses. The residential premises are provided separately for boys and girls.

We ensure all possible comforts to students to make their stay fruitful and for them to pursue studies within peaceful and conducive ambience. Vast campuses with greenly ensure healthy surroundings. Immediate medical assistance is always at hand in case a student is taken ill. Another aspect that is given due importance to, is the safety and security of students in the hostel, by employing private security agencies for the purpose.


Exemplary ambiance…. Extraordinary coaching

An important factor that one has to note of while providing residential facilities is the quality of food that is provided to the students. As Nalanda is among the top rung educational institutions in the country, we get students from different parts of the country to join the institution.  Hence, we assure to provide not just hygienic food, but food that suit different tastes of regions indeed. We have therefore, appointed specially trained chefs from different regions to cook delicious dishes in a hygienic way so that students are not deprived of proper nutrition.


Parents are allowed to meet students at fixed hours during weekends.

Students are allowed to go out for a new hours during weekend with special prior permission.

We provide separate hostels for boys and girls.

We ensure safe and secured environment in hostels.

We provide comfy bus transportation service to all students and staff of our colleges at various locations. Our colleges have large fleet of buses for the commutation of our students.

At each location the buses cover all the major routes to enable students reach the college safely. Our bus transportation emphasizes the following factors:

We provide buses with fully trained and experienced drivers for safe commuting of students and staff.


All our buses are maintained in perfect condition with all required local road transportation certifications and regular maintenance.

All routes

Our buses cover all major parts of the city/ town at which we operate our colleges. This enables students from any corner of the city to reach college easily.

Time management

All our buses follow strict time schedules at different location based on the local college timings and academic plans.

Safe and Security

We ensure total safe and secure commuting using effective maintenance of bus transportation.


All our buses are assigned with special attendants and staff as route incharges to ensure safe pickup and drop for all students on day-today basis.
Students who wish to travel by college bus regularly will have to register their names and get monthly passes in advance. Occasional users have to purchase ticket-booklets in advance. Only those with tickets or passes will be permitted to board the buses.